Monday, October 10, 2011

Kinetic Sculpture Race

here another picture of the prototype finished:

Kinetic Sculpture Race

I am preparing for the Kinetic Sculpture Race of 2012. I am building a 4 man human powered bicycle type. here is a picture of the very start of the build:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lance's last tour

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Devil and Lance

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hi everyone!
I just rode from LA to Santa Barbara for a charity. Since being in California I have not raced. I have found so much pleasure in riding my bike that I have never felt the need to Race. Other people pass me and it is easy to see which one race or try to and which doesn't. I can't help thinking I was an over the top bike geek when I raced... power taps and heart rate monitors and training 6 hours a day, that was some CRazy stuff. I am not sure it was even healthy. Now I ride without stop watches or clocks, no fitness plan, no more sprints or sleeping in high altitudes . Life is much easier and funnier NOW. I can relax and enjoy the ride.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

After returning from the UK, I found work in Burbank as a PA. After only one week of working for the Worst boss I have ever known, we were send home for the holidays. When we returned the company had closed. Needless to say, I turn him into the labor board. I have been working small free lance job for little or no money since. but i am gaining experience in the film industry and meeting fun and interesting people along the way. I've had some great bicycle adventures too. Here is my top ten places to ride in or near California: (so far)
1. Soledad caynnon (road and Mountain Bike) the tour of California cames though here.
2. Goat paths in Palm Springs ( Mountain bike)
3. Joshua Tree National forest. (Road bike)
4. Dillion Road neat Hot desert springs (Road bike)
5. Hwy 74 near Palm Springs (Road Bike)
6. Idlwild, Califonria (Mountain bike)
7. Big Bear, California (Mountain bike)
8. hwy 2 in LA (Road)
9. Red Rock caynnon Vegas (road and Mountain bike)
10 Mead lake- Vegas (road)
Just riding around LA is wild and not as dangerous as I once thought. 
I meet some interesting bicycle people too. Above is a guy who lives on his bike with his two dogs. Can you image pulling those big dogs across the country? I can't
Then there is the Slab city people. WOW a lot of bicycle nuts there. Above is the welcome sign for slab city. it is a chopper bicycle. 
I meet a drug gang that only ride bicycles. They stopped and talk to me because I had a COOL 29er. I met the man who rode his bicycle across the country until a car hit him the doctor told he could not ride any more so now he put motors on his bikes so he can keep riding across the country and the list goes on. Everyone has a story some are more interesting then others.
What my NEXT great adventure??? I plan to attend Burning man in the desert this summer. A Wild event with a lot of bicycles. In the mean time, the Big Bear Mountain bike events and I am finish exploring the Soledad area. Of course there are plenty more places I want to go. If you get time check out all the pictures on my Facebook page.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Other parts of the UK

Here is a cool grave yard in small town outside Tower. I follow this big ugly bird around a corner and saw this: 

Brighton, UK

Here is a picture of  a bike that has been turned into a drum set. He rides his bike to a location then set up his drum set to play for the crowd. all the attachment have braze ons.

Hello everyone!
I am in the UK riding around the Southern coast. Brighton being the high light. When I got to Dover. I went across to France. I did not like traveling in France. Belgium was equally hard to travel in but the people were very friendly and accommodating. I started getting a cold so I headed back to London for a rest. I guess I will have to discover the Northern and Holland in another trip. London is a great place to people watch party and explore the British culture.
He is a picture of my bike on the eurostar (train);